Switch case easily with this is a simple free case converter tool to help you convert text from uppercase to lowercase and your text from lowercase letters to uppercase letters without having to click any buttons. Our case changer means it has never been easier to change case using the below uppercase to lowercase converter.

Enter your text in the left hand box if you want to capitalize it and it will appear in all caps in the right hand box capitalized.

Alternatively enter your text in the right hand box to change case back and it will appear in lowercase in the left hand box.

None of the text you enter below is sent to our servers.

Lower case converter

Upper case converter

Uses of a uppercase to lowercase converter

It is not uncommon for applications to produce output in all uppercase or all lowercase. Also sometimes when inputting text into an application that is case sensitive to ensure your values match the existing ones you may need to enter your data in the correct case. This is where the case converter comes into it play. The main aim being to create simple uppercase to lowercase converter where all that was required was to take your text you require to have convert case transformed; pasted in and coped it without any button click required.

String comparison in various programming languages and database collations will require an exact case match which may not match the source material needing the programmer to use a case insensitive comparison or convert case.

Case converter correcting accidental capitalisation

The case converter is not just restricted to the input and outputs of applications. It is quite common for people to accidentally depress the caps lock key while typing out a long sequence of text, an issue easily corrected by this case converter.

All caps vs All-caps vs Uppercase vs Upper Case vs upper-case and Lowercase vs lower-case vs Lower Case?

While researching this uppercase to lowercase convert case tool the correct usage of the term was contentious and a source of ambiguity. It was therefore decided that ascertaining the correct usage was worth understanding.

It appears that historically 'upper case' and 'lower case' were considered the more accurate forms. However more recently, especially since the advent of the internet the popularity of other forms has increased. All forms however are acceptable however it would be recommended to remain consistent in usage and to use what is the most easily understood form to your target audience.

So applied to the convert case tool on this page for example 'Uppercase to lowercase converter' is just as valid as:

  • 'Upper case to lower case converter'
  • 'Lower-case to upper-case converter'
  • 'Lower case to all caps converter'
Case converter flexibility in switching case.

Even in reviewing an existing piece of text you may decide it requires additional emphasis granted by the capitalisation of text. Highlighting the flexibility of this convert case tool in allowing the conversion of text both ways between uppercase and lowercase thus allowing you to switch the case of your text as and when you require. Giving you the fluidity so surely desired in tool set to convert case.

We hope you found using our case changer useful. If you like this case converter, have suggestions for improvements to our our case changer or have a tool in mind that you would like to see on this site then please do not hesitate to get in Contact